Melk Abbey 2007

The Melk Abbey had originally been a castle, but it was turned over to the Benedictines at the end of the 11th century. It was gutted by fire in the Turkish invasion of 1683 and was rebuilt from 1702 onwards.

Our first view of the Melk Abbey.

The courtyard.

The Emperor Gallery, 644 feet long, has room for guests. Here we are in the center looking at half of this gallery.

The Rule of the Benedictines, a codex from the 14th century.

The Hall of Mirrors.

A painting representing the persecution of Christ before His crucifixion.

A model of the Abbey with the courtyard at the rear.

The Marble Hall.

The ceiling fresco by Paul Troger.

One small part of the library.

The front of the Abbey church.

The interior of the Abbey church.

The altar with statues of Peter and Paul taking leave of one another before their martyrdom.

The town of Melk 2007

Some views of the town and the surrounding area.

Views from the Melk Abbey.

The main street of the town of Melk.

One last look at the Abbey from the town.

Melk Abbey 2017

The courtyard.

We were not allowed to take photos inside so this is from a balcony before we reenter the abbey.

The front of the church.

A shot of the town of Melk before we return to our ship.