We arrived in Paestum about 8 p.m. and had dinner shortly after 8:30.  After that David took about 10 of the group for an evening walk to the ruins.  The road was dark and there were many fireflies out that evening.  The ruins, especially the basilica and the two temples, were well lighted and really stood out in the darkness.

In the morning we met a local guide at the museum there.  He was long-winded and entirely too detailed and some of us left the tour before he finished talking in the museum, an hour later.  Under the name of Poseidonia, the city had been settled as a Greek colony about 600 BC and the temples had been built in the mid 6th and mid 5th centuries BC.  The Temple of Neptune, largest of the structures, was partially scaffolded, but still impressive.  The other two large structures, the basilica or temple dedicated to Hera, and the Temple of Ceres were very impressive.


Before leaving the area, we visited a  farm nearby where water buffalo raised and milked and the milk was made into delicious mozarella cheese.  We enjoyed seeing the water buffalo, the milking stalls, the calves, and the cheese-making operation.  We were even given samples of fresh cheese to try.

We then boarded the bus for a ride back to Pompeii,  where we were to board a smaller bus for the ride along the Amalfi coast.

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