We left Vernazza for the train ride to Levanto where we boarded the bus for the ride to Siena.  We stopped at the town of Lucca for a great picnic lunch on the city wall.  The wall around the city, almost 2.5 miles long, had provided protection in earlier times, but has now been converted to a beautiful green path around the city. It was an excellent location and we enjoyed the view and the food.

 During our free time there some members of the tour walked a portion of the city wall for views of the town.  Some went into the town and saw the circular area of buildings which had been built arround the old Roman arena there.  The cathedral of San Michele had a beautiful Gothic interior with stained glass but the arches and pillars on the outside looked Byzantine. Each of the pillars was different, some twisted, others sculpted or candy-striped. The Church of St.Martin has a striking white limestone interior and was not open so we couldn't see the interior.

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