Paris and Three Cities in The Netherlands

Paris Arrival, Churches and Cruise

We arrived in Paris early in the morning. The flights were good and we took the train into Paris. After a rest in the lobby of our hotel we walked to the nearby St. Sulpice church and walked through most of it. It has a neoclassical arcaded facade and has some Delacroix paintings as well as some beautiful statues. It has a great organ and we wil return here Sunday for the weekly concert.

Next we walked to St Germain des Pres church. It is the oldest church in Paris, dating from the 11th century. It stands on a site where a Christian church has stood since the fall of Rome. The church is in Romanesque style with round arches over the aisles of the nave.

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It was a beautiful sunny day, so we decided to take a cruise on the Seine.

Join us in the Louvre tomorrow.

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