Cathedral of Our Lady

A dominating sight in Antwerp is the cathedral, Onze Lieve Vrouwen Kathedraal, or the Cathedral of Our Lady. Here are four different views. The cathedral was originally built between 1350 and 1520, ravaged by fire in 1533 and plundered by iconclasts in 1566 and 1581. The style of the cathedral is Brabant Gothic and is the largest in the Low Countries, with a spire which is 123 meters high.



The interior is equally spectacular. The right photo shows the painting behind the altar which is "The Assumption of the Virgin" by Rubens.


A side aisle had another Rubens masterpiece, "The Raising the Cross." The cathedral has two more Rubens paintings as well as many other works of art.


Most of the beautiful stained glass was from the 19th century except for two from the 15th century, one of which is the photo on the right.



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