Plantin-Moretus Printing Museum

The Prentin-Moretus Printing museum takes the visitor on a tour that illuminates 300 years of the history of printing. Visitors can admire a comprehensive collection of typographical materials that include a fully equipped printerís workshop and the oldest presses of the world. The museum is complete with a fully-furnished residence and also houses a library and the archives of the Plantin company that include Tyndale manuscripts and Arabian texts.

The exterior of the building.

The great drawing room.

A room with a display of books, some as old as 1480.

One of two libraries in the home.

A Rubens painting of Seneca. Note also the leather wallcovering in this room.

A room with type cases and a number of printing presses, some as old as 1600.

The interior courtyard of the building.


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