The first meeting of the group was in our hotel at 5 PM. We gathered there for introductions of members of the group and for a general orientation by Patrick, as well as for samples of French wine.

After this we went for a short walk to the Auberge deux Ponts on Île St. Louis for our first group dinner.

The next morning we had breakfast in the hotel and left at 8:30 for our first group metro ride which took us the Hôtel de Ville(City Hall) in rainy and windy weather.

Patrick then led us to Sainte Chapelle where he told us some of the history before taking us inside. The stained glass is impressive, but since it was a rainy day, it was not as brilliant as it would be in sunlight.

The following pictures were taken on free time at the end of the trip and are much more brilliant.


This is a view of the rose window.

Photo by Sam McKinstry.

With the continuing rain and wind, we walked to the Notre Dame cathedral and Patrick tried to give us an overview while standing outside, since he was not allowed to talk to us inside. However, the weather overcame his desire to tell us about the facade and he suggested we go inside.

Photo by Clyde Aaron

The gilded carving around the choir was very interesting. Here Jesus appears to Mary and the other women after the resurrection, showing his divinity.

Here Christ is shown with Mary and Joseph on their way to Egypt. This shows his humanity.

We then walked across the Seine to the Latin Quarter where we had a group lunch at Jardin Notre Dame. All the menu items were good but many especially enjoyed the chicken in tarragon sauce and chocolate mousse for dessert.

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