Eastern Europe and the Black Sea

From July 9 through July 24, 2008 a group of people traveled on a Grand Circle tour of Eastern Europe from Bucharest to Budapest. We began in Bucharest, Romania (A below), and then to Constanta (B) where we boarded the River Aria for a cruise on the Danube. Our next stop was at Ruse, Bulgaria (C) from where some of us visited Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi. Our cruise continued through the Iron Gates area (D) before docking in Belgrade, Serbia (E). From there, some took a bus trip to Novi Sad (F). On the cruise from Belgrade to Budapest, some took the side trip to Osijek, Croatia (G). For some of us the cruise ended with two days in Budapest, Hungary (H), while others continued on the cruise and still others went by bus to Prague (I) in the Czech Republic. This site will cover the last option.

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The tour began in Bucharest in Romania.

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