Summer 2006


On August 19, 2006 Don and Elizabeth, Kathy, Ryan and Alex, and David and Kellie went to Legoland.

The group posing for a picture.

Alex and a knight.


Ryan and Kathy on "The Arm."

Kellie riding a horse.


Kellie with a witch and black cat.

Kellie with the pirate hat she had just made.

Dave and Kellie on a pirate ship.

Yes, they got wet.

Kathy and Alex with Dave and Kellie and the condo where the Zabel's were visiting.

At the beach.

Alex and kellie.

Kathy, Ryan and Grandpa went to a Padres-Dodger game at Petco Stadium.

Nomar batting and Mike Piazza catching.

Ryan playing Frisbee at the beach with his Dad.

Kathy with Alexandra on the boogie board.

Alex making drip sand castles at the beach.