Day 8:  This was a busy day as we went to Westminster Abbey, watched the changing of the Horse Guards, saw the Cabinet War Rooms, St. James Park, and the Queen's Gallery.

A view of the flying buttresses of Westminster Abbey.

A view of the nave from the rear.

A view of the rose window in the south transept.

The Lady Chapel, built from 1503-12, with a superb vaulted ceiling and choir stalls dating from 1520.

This is the vaulted fan ceiling of the Lady Chapel, equalled only by the ceiling at King's College in Cambridge.  Since no photography is allowed inside the abbey, this picture and others like it are taken from the Abbey's website at . There are many panoramic views of the Abbey as well as a history and other information.

A Horse Guard on duty.

Bringing out the two replacement guards from a different unit.

The two units lined up behind the building on Henry VIII's tournament grounds.

This unit lines up and rides away.

Beneath a nearby government building is the Cabinet War Rooms Museum.  Here are the actual underground rooms used during WW II , left  as they were on VJ Day,  August 16, 1945.  If you wish to see more look at

After going to the Cabinet War Room Museum, we had lunch at this pub, the Westminster Arms.  We ate in the Queen Anne's dining romm, on the second floor.

A cottage in St. James's Park.

A flower bed in St. James's Park.

A Fortnum & Mason carriage.

A guard at St. James's Palace.

Buckingham Palace again.

The statue of Queen Victoria.

We were also able to see the Queen's Galley at Buckingham Palace. This was one of the rooms.

On the walk back to the hotel we saw this group of school children from a private school.

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