Day 3:  We took the Underground (Tube) to Trafalgar Square to see the National Gallery.  We were there before it opened so we went to the St-Martin-In-The-Fields church  to look around and we heard the organist practicing for about 15 minutes.

We spent the rest of the morning at the National Gallery, especially enjoying the Dutch artists, the Constables, and the Impressionists. 

We saw some paintings by Rembrandt.

Of course the National Gallery would have works of Constable.

The National Gallery also had a good selection of Impressionists, such as this Monet painting of the Houses of Parliament. For more examples of their paintings, see .

For a break,we went back to St-Martin-In-The-Fields for a 1 PM concert by a pianistand cellist.  The acoustics are excellent and we were in the second row and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Since we had read about the restaurant in their crypt, we decided to try that for a late lunch. For a change of pace, we walked to Leicester Square and found it to be very busy.  Wealso looked in a few of the bookstores on Charing Cross Road before we returned to our hotel.

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