Day 10:  We spent most of the day at the Victoria and AlbertMuseum and a short time at the Science Museum.

Victoria and Albert Museum.

There was an entire room of Constable studies in pencil and watercolor such as the one pictured above.

Of course there were some of his oils as well, such as this painting of Salisbury Cathedral.

The Raphael  Gallery houses the surviving designs painted by Raphael, one of the greatest of all Italian Renaissance artists, for tapestries commissioned in Rome in 1515 by Pope Leo X . These were to hang in the Sistine chapel on the walls beneath the ceiling by his contemporary Michelangelo.  The painting above  is of the Great Draught of Fishes and, like the other paintings in that gallery, measure about 20 feet by 15 feet.

There is a room of Rodin sculptures inclding this statue of John the Baptist.

A closeup of John the Baptist.

There was one gallery devoted to Frank Lloyd Wright which included this office designed by him.


There was a large variety of other displays, especially of  furniture, clothing,  silver and china. 


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