Nancy's third birthday.

A day at Huntington Garden.

Easter Sunday

The playground.

David's birthday.

Pat and Kay with Elizabeth and the girls.

Mary's birthday.

Boarding the Kielmobile for the summer trip to the East Coast

An early stop was at Burt Lake in Michigan

Time with Aunt Loie in Zeeland

Dave on Uncle John's tractor.

The windmill in Holland, Michigan.

We had a Hager picnic in Grand Rapids.

A picnic in Detroit with the Van Dellens.

Cousin Lisa.

The next stop was at Niagara Falls.

We got as far east as Cape Cod.

The Minute Man statue.

North Church.

We spent a day in New York

We also stopped at Plymouth

We enjoyed visiting Washington, D.C.

We enjoyed visiting Colonial Williamsburg

Kathy's 6th birthday

Kathy enjoyed her dance classes

Mary's sand painting.


Mary got to ride a Clydesdale when they were in Pasadena for the Rose Bowl.